MediaTransfer software

MediaTransfer – file exchange automated system


MediaTransfer, a file exchange automated system

MediaTransfer is a synchronization software offering to distributed applications every functions of automation, security, optimization, and traceability. It allows to transfer both small files in real-time and lots of large files. It also allows to synchronize folder trees in differential synchronization mode. It enables business applications and remote desktops run independently offline. MediaTransfer architecture consists of servers and Windows remote workstations communicating via TCP-IP networks.

MediaTransfer, a tool for application developers

Communication Middleware, MediaTransfer easily interfaces with any business application environment (POS management, sales force applications, embedded automation ...). It is designed for application developers, integrators and software publishers. MediaTransfer is recognized for its strength and ability to automate exchanges 24/7/365.

Through its APIs (.exe or .dll), MediaTransfer is easily integrated, regardless of the developed applications or language used (.Net, C, etc.).

It transports all file types (XML, text, DOC, AVI, JPG, etc.) in uni directional or bi-directional mode and optimizes their transport with its powerful compression algorithm and differential synchronization mode.

Developers can create communication scripts from the MediaTransfer "command language" (call, send, receive, execute ...). MediaTransfer automatically runs each script and provides a history of each of the commands executed.

MediaTransfer, a scalable architecture

Efficient and robust, MediaTransfer ensures an efficient automation for:

  • Synchronization and file transfers
  • Folder trees synchronization
  • Executing remote actions
Communications are manage either:
  • From a server calling a list of remote workstations (Push mode)
  • From a remote workstation calling a server (Pull mode)
  • From a server calling another server

The server can simultaneously manage 1 to 1,024 bi-directional communications. In addition, through its queuing system and call distribution over a time range, it can automate an unlimited number of communications to remote stations.


MediaTransfer automates and optimizes TCP-IP communications via cellular networks (3G, 4G, LTE, GPRS, EDGE ...), wireless (Wi-Fi), wired (xDSL, ISDN, RTC) and LAN.
The MediaTransfer protocol secures data access and transport.

MediaTransfer has a gateway securing access to LAN networks on which the servers are installed. This gateway is particularly useful in the absence of VPN, which is for example the case when a remote station calls a server from another country.

A software adapted to Retail

MediaTransfer solution is particularly suitable for point of sales networks for the automation of data exchange between the central information system of a company and the POS or back office server of each store.
Whether franchises or branch networks MediaTransfer secures, optimizes and automates the transfer of all types of files. MediaTransfer can be integrated into strategic point of sales applications and into central applications to ensure the exchange of information (inventory, orders, restocking, loyalty cards ...).

A solution adapted to M2M, embedded computing, Internet of Things

MediaTransfer is intended for networks of machines, objects, automata operating in Windows environment embedded (EC, POS ...). It allows automation and 24/7/365 security of all types of data exchange between one or more servers and control these machines, objects, distributed controllers.
It can be used in the distribution of PLC networks (fuel, food ...), in the connected vehicles ... and ensures:
  • Sending alarms from an object / machine to a server
  • Sending action instructions from a server to a network of objects / machines
  • Automatic launch of these actions on an object / machine
  • Retrieving data recorded on objects / machines (product delivery by a distributor, usage time of a vehicle ...)
  • Centralized traceability of all of these events

A widespread solutionOver

Over 180,000 MediaTransfer licenses are in operation worldwide. Companies of all sizes use it daily and recognize its quality and reliability for strategical data exchange.